Ocean Transportation

Key Services

  • USA Direct Regular Service 14 Days Transit Time
  • CANADA Shorter Transit Time by combined transportation
  • Shortest transit time for Latin Americas Ports
  • LCL deliveries to Latin Americas countries via weekly Spain departures
  • Customs clearance/brokerage services
  • Pick-up, delivery and distribution
  • Special handling
  • Weekly Direct Departures/Arrivals from/to China/Hong Kong/ Singapore
  • Door Delivery and Custom Brokage Service for Middle East Countries
  • Shortest transit time for Oceania Countries Ports
  • Weekly Departers with only 5 days Transit Time to Ashdod/Alexandria/Algeria/Port Said/Tripoli
  • Door Delivery to Inland Africa Countries; Burkina Faso,Chad,Mali,Niger,Cameroon,DRC,Ivory Coast,Zimbabwe,Zambie,Uganda,Rwanda,S.Africa

Other Services

Railway Transport

Land Transportation

Air Transportation